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Batcon Pakistan recognizes that human health, animal health, and ecosystem health are inextricably linked. Experts now estimate that 75% of all emerging human infectious diseases originate in animal populations, among them bats and other mammals.

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Batcon Pakistan is dedicated to finding “win-win” solutions, benefiting bats and people, to secure the future of the world’s 1,400+ bat species in the midst of today’s unprecedented threats and challenges.

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Batcon Pakistan is a online platform of life scientists and environmentalists aims to promote effective and collective efforts to protect Mother Nature amid of climate change through wild life conservation and awareness against zoonotic diseases. We are eager to see you in our team if your environmental or life scientist.
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Indian flying fox Thermoregulatory behaviors: Visual Guide

Explore our Indian flying foxes (Pteropus medius) thermoregulatory behavior guide. Pteropus medius are often vulnerable to high temperatures as they have exposed open roosting structures and are devoid of sweat…

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Project Completion

Project Tittle Effect of Extreme Heat on Indian flying foxes (Pteropus medius) and their role in AMR Spillover in Pakistan The project “Effect of Extreme Heat on Indian Flying Foxes…

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Over 400 Indian Flying Foxes were killed in Nawab Shah, Sindh, Pakistan.

These bats were believed to be a serious pest for fruits trees of Mango and Banana in Sindh Province of Pakistan. This is not surprising, as orchards represent a concentrated…

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EARTHDAY.ORG and Batcon Pakistan Join Hands

Earthday and Batcon Pakistan join hands for Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration in Pakistan EARTHDAY.ORG and Batcon Pakistan Join hand to achieve a shared goal of Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration of…

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A New Research Project Will Explore How Extreme Heat Events Impact Indian Flying Foxes in Pakistan

Bat Conservation Pakistan is going to conduct a research on Indian flying foxes in Pakistan. This one year project aims to explore how extreme heat events are impacting Indian flying…

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