Hi! I am One Health advocate with academic background in veterinary medicine, infectious disease epidemiology and wildlife zoonotic disease ecology. My research aims to advance knowledge on environmental extremes and land use implications for zoonotic disease emergence, particularly bat borne zoonotic pathogen “infect–shed–spill–spread” cascade, to enable the protection of landscape immunity, as a conservation and bio security priority. I have examined the impact of extreme heat on Indian flying foxes (Pteropus medius) in Pakistan and determined temperature threshold that precipitate heat stress in Pteropus medius at roost level. I am exploring how extreme heat event and land use compromise the landscape and host immunity, which can result in pathogen and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) environmental propagation with serious One Health implications. I am eager to develop heat stress forecaster and habitat suitability models for Indian flying foxes and conduct serological surveillance to help me better understand changes in the immune system and host behavior which can mediate zoonotic disease spillover.